4 Wheeler Attachments

4 Wheeler AttachmentsReady to get the most out of your 4 wheeler? No, we’re not talking about taking your 4 wheeler out on a new adventure. While that is definitely fun, our team at Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. is here to share ways that you can turn your 4 wheeler into a work resource around your residential or commercial property. We have clients from a wide variety of backgrounds that invest in our 4 wheeler attachments to help make them more productive on the job.

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Maintenance / Landscaper Package

ATV Attachment PackagesOne of the most useful things you can do to your ATV that you love to use for play is to add attachments that allow the ATV to function in many different ways. Rather than investing in an expensive and large tractor for property maintenance, you can add front and/or rear attachments to your ATV to complete the long list of things you have wanted to do around your property. Read Full Post

Hydraulic Quad Accessories

Hydraulic ATV AttachmentsWild Hare Manufacturing Inc. offers a wide variety of quad accessories that improve function and efficiency and cost less than purchasing a new or even used tractor. Our attachments are high quality and can transform your recreational ATV into a powerful tool that can be used all over your property…

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Wild Hare at The Carver County Fair Aug 5-9

Hydraulic ATV AttachmentsWild Hare Manufacturing is busy this summer trying to get the word out about our hydraulic powered line of ATV attachments. In August we’ll be setup at The Carver County Fair in Waconia, MN. This fair has been running continuously for over 100 years and is a great place to bring the entire family for some fun in the Minnesota sun!

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ATV Attachments/Implements

Quad Attachments and ImplementsAre you looking for a way to dig, lift, plow, drag, push or level, without actually buying a tractor? The Wild Hare ATV System allows you to do just that — and much more. Instead of purchasing a tractor or other piece of farming equipment that only has narrow functionality…

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