Quad Attachments and ImplementsAre you looking for a way to dig, lift, plow, drag, push or level, without actually buying a tractor? The Wild Hare ATV System allows you to do just that — and much more. Instead of purchasing a tractor or other piece of farming equipment that only has narrow functionality, you can now add attachments and implements to your ATV and transform it to be exactly the tool you need it to be. Here is an overview of some of our most popular and functional products.

  • ATV Front End Loader: This attachment gives you all of the power. With suspension locks, an electric hydraulic lift pack and a double acting cylinder, you will be ready to lift anything you need (up to 500 lbs and 5 feet). This attachment is easy to install and is great for hauling heavy items from one area to another (snow, trees, rock, hay bales, or manure) making it ideal for property maintenance, landscaping, and horse stables. The Front End Loader is also a great way for hunters to bring back their kill!
  • ATV Front End Forks: The forklift attachments give you the ability to lift and move virtually anything on your property. This attachment is efficient, strong and saves man hours, time and your back, turning a 2 person lift and move job into a push of a button!
  • ATV Rear 3 Point Hitch: If you are looking for a rear attachment for your ATV, Wild Hare has several. The 3 point hitch is powered by hydraulics and will give you unending power. You can use the 3 point hitch and the front end attachment simultaneously and get twice as much completed.
  • ATV Rear Mount Cultivator: This piece is ideal for tilling, chopping and digging. Let your ATV and attachments do all of the work around your property while you sit back and man the controls.
  • ATV Rear Mount Disc Harrow Attachment: Another great product that will help you with all of your larger landscape projects, the hydraulic ATV rear mount disc can help you aerate soil, break up dirt clumps, and cut those pesky weeds.

The Power of Hydraulics

All of our ATV attachments are powered by hydraulics to give the most efficient power and control possible. So, as you think about the next step for managing your property, think about putting your ATV to work instead of investing in a new, expensive piece of equipment like a tractor. Wild Hare Manufacturing Company has an entire suite of ATV attachments and implements that can help you complete almost any lifting, moving, tilling or digging task. Give our customer service team a call at 1-218-483-1000 or email info@wildharemfg.com for more information or to place an order.