The Wild Hare ATV System

Are you searching for an ATV attachment system superior to the rest? Do you have the need to dig, lift, plow, drag, push or level? If so, the Wild Hare ATV front loader is fully equipped with hydraulics, as well as suspension locks and can get the job done.
Wild Hare ATV Hydraulic Box Blade Road Grader Attachment

ATV Box Blade Road Grader

With a working width of 50″, the new Wild Hare Hydraulic Box Blade attachment can be used for ripping, leveling, backfilling, and finish grading your driveway, arena, field, lawn, building site, and much more.
Hydraulic ATV Snow Plow Attachment

New ATV Snow Plow Blade

The new Wild Hare Hydraulic Snow Plow Blade attachment can be used for straight pushing/scraping, or right or left pivoted angles. It has 57″ of plowing surface, hydraulic powered, and is spring loaded for safe operation.
ATV Hydraulic Front End Loader Bucket

ATV Front End Loader

The power of our front end loader opens up new opportunities, increases workforce efficiency and puts the control in your hands. Save your energy for later and use the simple rocker switch controls to lift and lower loads up to 500 pounds!
Hydraulic ATV Fork Attachment

ATV Fork Lift Attachment

Wild Hare Manufacturing Inc. offers a very convenient attachment for our ATV front end loader – a Pallet Fork. This fork is fantastic for more than just moving pallets. Whether you’ve got a bales of hay, boxes, crates, logs, feed or anything else needs to be moved.
ATV Hydraulic Cultivator Attachment

ATV Cultivator Attachment

Our ATV Cultivator Attachment is designed to be used with the 3 point hitch we have available. This ATV implement is powered by a rear mounted auxiliary hydraulic kit, using quick connects, with the capability to control both our front and rear ATV attachments simultaneously.
ATV Hydraulic Disc Harrow Attachment

ATV Disc Harrow Attachment

With our powerful hydraulic ATV disc implement you can shorten the time it takes you to do so many tasks. Forget pushing a tiller around. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and the amount of power and control you have with the Wild Hare ATV Disc Implement.

Rugged Implements for Real Results

“…this is a real game changer.” & “We were really impressed with it!”

— Brian Fisher, Fisher’s ATV World, as seen on NBCSN

It’s Time Your Quad Owned Up To Its Capabilities!

Hydraulic Front End Loader

Perfect for digging, back-dragging, leveling, lifting, and transporting loose materials.
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Pallet Forks Attachment

Move & stack pallets, logs, fence posts, hay bales, and more. The possibilities are endless.
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Hydraulic Snow Plow Blade

Make snow plowing & removal a breeze; bulldoze your drive with easy blade operation.
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Hydraulic Implement System

Unlimited potential for different uses by landscapers, farmers, ranchers, and home-owners alike.
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Cultivator ATV Attachment

Rips up tough soil & sod to varying depth; perfect for starting gardens, food plots, and lawns.
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Disc / Harrow Attachment

Easily adjustable down-force allows you to pulverize dirt evenly for a multitude of uses.
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Box Grader ATV Attachment

Adjustable ripper/scarifier shanks allow for everything from fixing potholes to finish grading a building site.
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The Essentials Package

Our Hydraulic ATV System packaged with the 4 most popular front & rear attachments.
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Hydraulic Powered Attachments For Your ATV

Hydraulic Powered Attachments For Your ATVAre you searching for ATV attachments superior to the rest? Do you have the need to dig, lift, plow, drag, push or level? If so, the Wild Hare ATV Implement System – fully equipped with hydraulics, suspension locks and a diverse set of implements – will allow you to get the job done. All of our products are specifically engineered and durably manufactured to transform your quad from a toy into a tool – in just minutes. Wild Hare Manufacturing is rewriting the book on ATV attachments. The power of these quad attachments/implements is far greater than any competitor’s because they utilize full hydraulics, not just a winch, which gives all the attachments both powerful upward pressure (for lifting) and downward pressure (for digging).

It is awesome for snow plowing, landscaping, hauling rock and mulch, back dragging, stable work and gardening, and any other application you can imagine. It is also ideal for resort owners and sportsmen.

Robust Hydraulic Attachments for both the Front and Rear of your ATV!

Work Smarter With The Wild Hare ATV Implement System

Front and Rear Hydraulic ATV AttachmentsIt’s time your quad owned up to its capabilities. Make any job easier by purchasing ATV implements and attachments made by Wild Hare Manufacturing, and get the power of hydraulics behind you. The Wild Hare ATV Implement System can lift or push into the ground with up to 500 pounds of force. Also, the Front-End Loader can raise up to 5 feet high. All of our attachments are easily adjustable and can fit most ATV bodies. With our versatile quad attachments that old shovel, bucket and wheel barrow will be but a faded memory of the past. Our easily mounted hydraulic attachments are an affordable solution when purchasing a tractor or skid steer would be overkill, or if the overall size of a tractor or skid steer aren’t favorable for your location, storage situation, or application. Our four wheeler attachments and implements don’t just raise and lower with gravity, they move with hydraulic force controlled by a simple rocker switch mounted on the handle bar. Because they are mounted to an ATV that is light on its feet, there is no need to repair skid steer and tractor ruts in your lawn after the job is done. When the job is done…it’s done!

Hydraulic ATV Attachments:

Potential Applications for using an ATV with our Hydraulic Attachments:

  • Landscaping
  • Hauling Heavy Loads (up to 500 lbs.)
  • Snow Plowing
  • Horse Stable Cleaning
  • Sportsman’s Food Plots
  • Maintaining a Large Property
  • Many More…

Special Wild Hare ATV Implement System Packages:

Versatile Four Wheeler Attachments

Our products are really in a market of their own. Because of this, we have gone a step further to manufacture a variety of attachments that will simplify the task at hand. Our product line will continue to grow, with a post-hole digger and a push blade implement being in our future. Our customers are creating new applications for our powerful ATV attachments daily, and we are continuing to evolve in order to keep up with their needs. Whether you’re hauling a fresh kill, moving hay bales, hauling wood, or re-sodding your yard, our Wild Hare ATV Implement System will fully equip your four wheeler for the task at hand. Our attachments will make your heavy lifting that much easier.

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