57″ Snow Blade Attachment

$799.00 + Freight

  • Can Be Used for Straight Pushing, Moving Snow to the Right or to the Left
  • Spring Loaded for Safe Operation
  • 3 Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders Provide Optimal 4-way Power Operation for Raising and Lowering the Blade and Tilting the Blade Forward and Backward
  • Easy Manual Rotation of Blade to the Right or Left via Spring Loaded Pivot Lock Handle
  • Blade Height Control and Back-and-Forth Pivot of Blade Done Hydraulically from the Comfort of Your Seat
  • Rotating the Blade Right or Left and Tilting Forward or Backward Allows for Easy Contouring to Fit the Shape of Your Driveway
  • Blade Made from High-Strength Steel (So Higher Strength to Weight Ratio, Has Greater Ductility, Toughness, and Fatigue Strength than Ordinary Steel)
  • Blade Can Be Raised to Up to 5′ (Depending Upon ATV model) for High Snow Piling
  • Perfect Compatibility with the Wild Hare ATV Implement System
  • Super Easy 3 Pin Attach and Detach – Take Just a Few Minutes!
  • Durable Baked-On Powder Coat Paint Finish for Maximum Life Span
  • 57″ Blade Width
  • Requires the Wild Hare Hydraulic Loader
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If you get snow like we get snow here in Minnesota, ours is the only blade for you. It is made to attach to our loader and can push snow left, right, or straight ahead. Since it uses our hydraulic loader arms and not your winch, it is capable of lifting about 3 times higher than a winch type snowplow, perfect for those heavy snow years when you need to pile snow high. It also has hydraulic front to back tilt for easy blade clean off.


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