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What is a 3 Point Quick Hitch Used For?

3 Point Hitch AttachmentsWhether you are plowing a field, leveling, or grading a road with a box blade, or preparing a field for seed, the 3 point hitch is the essential tool for farmers, landscapers and DIYers.  It has many advantages over common single point ball hitches commonly found on cars and trucks.  This article will detail how three-point hitches work, the advantages and disadvantages of them, the different categories of hitches, and what is required to maintain them and keep them in good operating condition.  . 

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A Comprehensive Guide to 12-Volt Battery Chargers

Hydraulic ATV Attachment Options12-volt battery chargers have made huge strides over the past decade or two.  They are crucial to keeping your batteries running for years and in tip top shape. Years ago, the only type of battery charger available was a manual charger that you’d attached to the battery, monitored the charger’s amp meter until it reached near zero, and then unplugged it or turned it off. 

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The Ultimate Hack to Save Your Back!

Hydraulic ATV Attachment OptionsWe, here at Wild Hare Manufacturing, find ourselves reflecting on the values that drive our company – Innovation, Efficiency and most importantly, the safety of our customers.  In this blog post, we dive into a crucial aspect of your daily life – the health of your back.  We explore how using the right products, designed with precision and ergonomic excellence, can be the ultimate hack to save your back from unnecessary strain.

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