What makes the Wild Hare ATV Implement System better than our competitors??


Hydraulic Powered Rear 3 Point Hitch Stand Alone Unit Product Image 2

ATV Hydraulic Power Unit


We aren’t the cheapest, so what makes the Wild Hare ATV Implement System better than our competitors?


6 BIG Capabilities that Other ATV Front End Loaders Don’t Have:


    1.  Our Hydraulic Loader Can Lift up to 60″:  Winch style competitors’ loaders can only lift their buckets 18″ to 24″.  Some don’t even lift high enough to be able to dump the bucket fully without having your front wheels on a hill to create more space between the front end and the ground.  The Wild Hare ATV Loader can lift something into a pickup truck or a trailer.  Do you live in the snow belt where you get a lot of snow and need to pile it high?  How about just lifting something with pallet forks so it is easier to work on or put away?  Ever need to pull fence posts?  We can do all that, and more!
    2. The Wild Hare Implements Can Scrape Surfaces Clean with Positive Down Pressure:  A huge benefit is being able to push down with enough pressure to lift your ATV off the ground.  This comes in handy when you want to scrape a surface clean of snow or debris or push your disc or cultivator into the ground.  We can even back drag with down pressure to smooth and level out rough spots, too.  We don’t just scratch the top of the ground; we force the tool into it.  After all, the goal is to break up the ground, not just scratch at the surface, right?
    3. We Are Powered by Hydraulics, Not a Winch:  Our unmatched power is created by a rechargeable 12-volt electric battery that turns a hydraulic pump.  That pump creates enough pressure to lift up to 500 pounds.  The entire system is run from the comfort of your ATV seat.  Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t just lift up and down, it also tilts and dumps, all powered with accurate hydraulic control!  Our loader allows you to dump with precision so you can gradually dump while moving to spread materials, not just dump them all in one place like a trip lever does.  At Wild Hare Manufacturing, we don’t believe in antique pull cords and trip levers.
    4. We Have a 3-Point Hitch and Attachments for That Too:  We want to get the most our of the front and the back of your ATV, so we designed a 3-point hitch that allows you to connect any category 0 implements to your ATV, including our or anyone else’s.  3-Point hitches are a great addition to anyone’s tool shed.  A 3-point hitch allows you to lift the lift the implement up at the end of a row.  You can also adjust it front to back and side to side.  When taking it back to the shed, garage or barn, just push on the electric thumb switch to lift the 3 point and implement and drive right in.
    5. Our Loader Comes Standard with Suspension Locks:  The problem with loading up the front end of a 4 wheeler is the suspension squats and bottoms out.  We have have solved that problem too. We provide a pair of easy on, easy off, suspension locks that slide in between the coils of the shocks in the front end that lock out the suspension and help to maintain the camber of the wheels and the height of the front of the ATV.
    6. We Have Many Attachments that Run Off the Same Power Source:  One single power source runs an ATV bucket, pallet forks and a snowplow on the front, and on the back, that same hydraulic source powers a 3-point hitch which can be used to control a cultivator, disc, or a box blade.  Competitor’s plow will only ever be a plow.  The Wild Hare System and the attachments are perfect for anything you want to do around your house or acreage.


As you can see, there is nothing else like the Wild Hare ATV Implement System.  If you are thinking one System to help with all your chores sounds like a great idea, call us at 218-483-1000 and order yours today!