Hydraulic ATV Front Loader

$4,995.00 + Freight

  • Comes Complete with Lift Arms, Bucket, Hydraulic Pumps, Hoses and Cylinders, Electronics, Suspension Locks and Mounting Hardware.
  • Battery and Hydraulic Fluid Not Included
  • Operate It All from the Comfort of Your Quad Seat
  • 500# Lift Capacity
  • Raises Up to 60” High
  • Rugged High-Strength Steel Construction
  • Positive Down Pressure
  • 3 Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders – Two for Lift Arms, One for Bucket Dump/Tilt
  • Suspension Locks Maintain Rigid Front Suspension
  • Works Great with All Other Wild Hare Front End Implements
  • Can Be Easily Removed from Your ATV in Approximately 15 Minutes (About the Same Required to Put Back on)
  • Super Easy 3 Pin Attach and Detach Bucket – Takes Just a Few Minutes!
  • Durable Baked-On Powder Coat Paint Finish for Maximum Life Span
  • Easy to Install Video Available to Customers – Initial Install Time is 2-3 hours
  • 48” Bucket with 2+ Cubic Foot Capacity
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This is the ATV attachment you’ve been looking for! This original component of the Wild Hare ATV Implement System opens up new opportunities, increases efficiency, and puts the control in your hands. The simple handlebar-mounted rocker switch controls lift and lowers up to 500 lbs. The heart of the system is our hydraulic power pump that operates off of a 12-volt deep cycle battery. Because of the hydraulics, it easily lifts or creates down pressure for back dragging, scraping, and digging. Since we don’t use the winch or a trip bucket you don’t have to get off your machine to reset the trip on the bucket. It also lifts approximately 3 times higher than a winch style bucket! The hydraulics are so powerful, they can actually lift your ATV off the ground! Our 4 wheeler bucket makes it easy to load anything into the back of your pickup or pile snow high. Whatever your need, our ATV hydraulic loader will deliver.

Hydraulic Front End Loader ATV Attachment


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