Auxiliary Hydraulic Kit

$259.00 + Freight

  • Includes Everything You Need to Power the Wild Hare 3 Point Hitch When You Already Have the Loader
  • The Quick Connect Couplings Make It Easy to Separate the 3 Point Hitch from the Pump and Mounting Frame
  • Included in All Packages Where the Bundle Includes the Loader and the 3 Point Hitch
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This kit is required when you have both the Wild Hare hydraulic loader and the Wild Hare 3 point hitch. It includes Quick Connect hose couplings and butterfly valves. A quick twist of the 2 butterfly valves and the hydraulic fluid is redirected to the 3 point hitch, powering it. The quick connect couplers makes it simple and fast to remove the 3 point hitch from your ATV. It is optional if you have either the Wild Hare hydraulic loader or the 3 point hitch.


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