ATV Suspension Locks

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$289.00 + Freight

  • Easy to Install and Remove – Takes a Minute or Two!
  • Universal Fit
  • Can be Used on Front or Rear Shock Absorbers
  • One Pair Included with Loader Purchase
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Our suspension locks are designed to give your loader the necessary front support while preventing the springs from compressing.

2 reviews for ATV Suspension Locks

  1. M Myronowskyj

    The shock locks are an integral part of the system and really help to keep the load balanced and keeps from compressing the shock / strut….BUT they are NOT easy to install properly. The idea of just slipping them in and strapping them on is a fantasy. On the Polaris 400 sportsman the spring is large and rubber part that secures the lock to the spring was stretched to its max and one snapped while using. I replaced it with a heavy duty cargo strap with hooks. When there is no load the locks just kind of sit in place and rattle around, eventually falling out. After a few additional straps they seem to now stay in place. You have to keep an eye on them to make sure that they stay tight.

  2. Lynn

    Nothing else out there like this so that is good. However, quality – eeehh. Some parts very robust; much more than needed, other parts are low quality. It all depends on a very thin piece of stamped metal riveted on (poorly) that holds the ball-shaped ends of the rubber strap; clinky design. On both, one more than the other, these brackets were bent back such that the rubber ball won’t stay there. even without moving. I had to add extra bailing wire to hold on the rubber straps. The cotter pin clashed with the bolt making it very difficult to assemble. Product arrived loose in a USPS box with no installation instructions or any info at all; indications are it was a previous return. No inventory provided, but believe I got all what was intended. The forks are pre-bent to align with the spring, but the pre-bend was excessive by almost twice the helix of my springs (Kawasaki). Both fork ends are split very wide such that I had to make a mod to attach it at the top where the shaft diameter is much smaller; wish the upper end had small forks. Idea works (5 stars) but it won’t always stay on halting the job to re-do them, and quality was lower than it had to be (3-stars).

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