Lawn Basket Attachment

$199.00 + Freight

  • Made from Industrial Grade UV Stabilized Fabric
  • Slips Over Pallet Forks via 4 Slide Pockets Underneath and Secured with 2 Nylon Straps with Heavy Duty Clasps
  • Super Easy Attach and Detach – Takes 1-2 Minutes to Attach, 30 Seconds to Detach!
  • Large volume capacity: 38” wide x 36” deep x 19” high
  • Requires the Wild Hare Hydraulic Loader and Wild Hare Pallet Forks
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Throw your labor-intensive wheelbarrow in the trash! Our lawn basket is the ultimate tool for yard and garden cleanup. It attaches to the pallet forks and provides a huge basket to fill with yard debris leaves, sticks, acorns, pine needles, weeds, etc. Just pull up to your pile, lower it to the ground, rake in the yard waste, drive away, and dump it. What could be easier or faster? Say good-bye to lifting, carrying, bending, and straining!


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