HOBBY FARMS magazine considers Wild Hare one of their editor approved “HOT PRODUCTS”!

Why? Read on! The list of what the Wild Hare ATV Implement System can do is long and impressive.

So for those of us who own an ATV (or even those of who are looking for a great reason to purchase one) having these attachments available makes our work incredibly easier and faster. And there is NOTHING on the market as strong or as versatile as Wild Hare. So if you have ever struggled with outdoor chores – moving rock , plants, soil or other landscape items, plowing snow, cultivating soil, cleaning out stalls or moving hay bales, or many of a host of other back breaking jobs – you have come the right place! We have a GREAT solution for you.

Oh! You’re a sportsman or hunter! We have NOT left you out!! There are a ton of ways to make your hunt even more enjoyable – one of them being lightening the load. How often have you had to haul your gear in and out of a remote location? What about after the kill? Getting the meat to the processor and then to your freezer – all potentially back breaking work. Yes – Wild Hare truly is a new “HOT PRODUCT”!

There is a very simple explanation of how and why this new HOT PRODUCT is a must have…

Our implements are made of high-strength steel that are controlled by a simple toggle switch. This toggle switch operates both the front-end loader and a rear 3-point hitch, while suspension locks and a rear-mounted hydraulic power pack provide critical balance and stability.

Once the hydraulics are in place you are able to utilize both front and back attachments on the ATV, creating a true system where any of the attachments are then able to connect, and be powered from. This system is capable of lifting up to 500 pounds, and lifting up to 5 feet off the ground. It’s also capable of downward pressure while many other versions operate solely by weight and gravity.

Take a quick sneak peek at the strength of this steel, what I was just talking about…

ATV Equipment


Wild Hare Implement System is sold as individual attachments or you can choose one of these discounted packages…

2016 Hot Product by Hobby Farms Magazines

We are very proud that Wild Hare was chosen to be one of the “Hot Products” for 2016 – and we couldn’t agree more! Pick up a Hobby Farms magazine for the full story. (Jan/Feb 2016 issue, pages 56 and 57)

Visit our website www.wildharemfg.com to see a list of all our system packages specifically designed for gardeners, horse owners, resort owners, sportsmen or landscapers.

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We’ll happily design a specially priced package to meet your specific needs.

Wild Hare, superior to the rest!