ATV Hydraulic Accessories from Wild Hare Manufacturing At Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., we want you to make the most out of your time. Utilizing our ATV Hydraulic Accessories can help you save a tremendous amount of time, a vast amount of work and ultimately allow you to save money. At Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., let us show you how our durable and high end attachments can help ease the load of any job.

Our ATV Front-End Loader

This hydraulic powered accessory quickly and efficiently converts your standard ATV into a high performance lifting machine. At Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., we designed our front-end loader accessory with suspension locks to support any added weight and prevent any possibility of your ATV’s front springs being affected. With one simple switch of the control, the loader arm and bucket are ready to roll.

Our Front-End Pallet Fork

Wood piles? Large boxes? Hay bales? Pallets? Anything you need a forklift for is easily done with our front-end pallet fork attachment. As with all of our attachments, lift up to 500 lbs. with this accessory. This also comes with lift, lower and even tilt capabilities.

Our Rear 3 Point Cultivator

Imagine a tractor without the big cost. When the Rear 3 Point Cultivator is attached, you have yourself a machine that is ideal for weeding and tilling your large garden and food plots. No more renting machinery or manually doing the work yourself. This attachment does it all for you.

Our Rear 3 Point Disc

Want to take it even further? Our Rear 3 Point Disc is another attachment should you be working with a lot of land. This attachment focuses its efforts on busting the sod, aerating the soil, leveling the ground out and breaking up dirt chunks. It’s precision and ease of use makes this both time and energy efficient.

Hydraulic Accessories for your ATV

No matter what type of ATV you currently have, our attachments can be adjusted to match any model. The beauty of our ATV hydraulic accessories here at Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., is that one ATV can do the job of several tractors. At the end of the day, tractors are big, expensive and will tear up your land if something is done wrong or if it’s not put in the right place. Utilizing your resources and choosing a system that saves time, space and efficiency is something that just can’t be beat.

Turn your ATV into a Powerhouse that works for you!

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