Wild Hare’s ATV Implement System was recently featured in the December episode of Fisher’s ATV World. Brian aptly described the implement system as a game changer for your ATV, transforming your riding toy into a real workhorse. The Wild Hare crew actually traveled down from Minnesota all the way to Tennessee with our equipment to let Brian test out the implement system for himself. Brian was excited with what he saw!

Highly Functional and Extremely Powerful

The possibilities are literally endless with the Wild Hare Implement System. As Brian learned first hand, the implements can serve as a front end loader, pallet fork, snow blade on the front and a three point hitch on the back that allows you to easily add a cultivator or disc as well. The entire system is powered by hydraulics, give you more strength and power with every movement. This hydraulic system and suspension locks is far superior to a cable system, allowing you to be able to dig, lift, plow, drag, push or level with the push of a button. You use the entire ATV to move things — not just the front. You will be impressed by the power you will have with this system, Brian Fisher was!

When you work on your property, there are so many times when you need something more than a wheelbarrow and a shovel, but who wants to spend the money on a full farm tractor? The Wild Hare Implement System can give you added function, without the financial commitment of purchasing a tractor. This system allows you to give your ATV even more use and purpose on your property.

Wild Hare Implement System: Highly Recommended By Brian Fisher

Brian recommends this implement system if you are not wanting to go out and buy a full size tractor but need some significant help around your property and want to decrease the amount of manual labor you responsible for. He admitted being surprised by all that the Wild Hare Implement System could do. We thought that was quite an endorsement!

If you would like more information about the Wild Hare Implement System, email us directly at info@wildharemfg.com or call 1-218-483-1000. We can help you find just the right parts to transform your ATV into your very own work horse. Follow Brian Fisher’s advice and make all jobs around your property faster and easier with our attachment system.