Durable ATV AttachementAll-terrain vehicles, also known as “ATVs” — doesn’t that term just get you excited? When most people think of ATVs, they picture outdoorsmen riding through the woods, trucking through mud and slinging up dirt! While using ATVs as an extracurricular sport is popular and can be lots of fun, starting to use them as a tool is the best decision some of us have ever made! Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. is focused on making durably mounted and constructed ATV attachments and implements for your outdoor vehicle!

High Quality ATV Equipment

We understand that people have lots of work to do outside. Whether it’s in the barn or on a construction site, those that work outdoors generally have a lot of heavy lifting to do and multiple tractors to do it. For this reason, we produce only the top-of-the-line resilient and high quality ATV equipment for your everyday jobs around your workplace or property. Our goal is to assist you in making strenuous tasks easier, and increase your time for productivity. Our product is uncomparable as we offer full hydraulics as opposed to our competitors that have winch systems. Using hydraulics and suspension locks, our attachments have more force and power when raising things up and down.

Our ATV Attachments and Implements

  • ATV Front End Loader: As our most popular hydraulic powered ATV attachment, this bucket is sturdy and built to last. It includes suspension locks to help provide easier use and heighten its performance and can elevate 5 feet off the ground!
  • Pallet Forks: This attachment lifts up to 500 lbs! It is designed to help lift pallets, hay bales, large boxes, cargo, and so much more!
  • Rear 3 Point Hitch: Attaching this tool helps you to utilize attachments and implements. It has 3 durable link arms to help make it secure and easy to attach.  (Launching July 1st – Pre-orders being Accepted)
  • 3 Point Cultivator: If you are a farmer or serious gardener, this attachment is perfect for weeding and tilling. Using this can cut your time in half!(Launching July 1st – Pre-orders being Accepted)
  • Front Loader Blade: This attachment is all about simplicity. It you need a simple and durable loader blade, this attachment is perfect for you!(Launching July 1st – Pre-orders being Accepted)

No matter what you decide to use your ATV for, there is always a need for Wild Hare Manufacturing ATV attachments. Our attachments fit most ATV types and are durably mounted and constructed. The suspension locks on our product gives it power and safety to lift and maneuver up to 500 lbs. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to lighten your work, call Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. today at 1(218) 483-1000.