Hydraulic Forklift Attachment For My ATVIf you own an ATV, the chances are good that you are not afraid of hard work and are blessed with the gift of practicality. An ATV can be a good source of fun, but it also has an undeniable quality of helping you get tough jobs done with greater ease. Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. is known for creating practical equipment that increases the productivity of machines and their owners. This is certainly the case with our Hydraulic Forklift ATV Attachment.

Attach A Hydraulic Forklift to your ATV

Our hydraulic forklift attachment is a perfect fit for our ATV front-loader. Adding the attachment to your ATV will lend new versatility to your ATV. We have made the process of installing the forklift attachment to your ATV as simple as possible. Once installed, you will be quickly impressed with how easy it is to use. The forklift attachment is powered by a set of rocker switches and smooth, powerful hydraulics. You will be lifting heavy loads and moving them exactly where you want them in no time. Our forklift attachment can lift up to five hundred pounds. So, if you have ever gotten help from a friend or two to move objects of comparable weight, you might have felt some satisfaction after completing the job. Our hydraulic forklift attachment will give you a similar sense of satisfaction, but without the risk of lower back pain and other potential injuries.

The forklift attachment on our ATV gives you control on heavy loads that you simply cannot achieve with human muscle, no matter how strong and capable you and your friends may be. One wrong step or slipping on a patch of mud can make lifting a heavy load a very dangerous proposition. But with the use of our hydraulic forklift attachment, the control is in your hands, thanks to our excellent rocker switch and hydraulics system.

High Quality and Functional ATV Attachments

In addition to lifting as much as five hundred pounds of weight, this attachment will lift that weight up to five feet in the air. Our hydraulic forklift attachment adds even more versatility to your ATV. It is a perfect fit for the Wild Hare front-end loader, and a perfect addition to the tools you use to get your jobs done. Much of the inspiration for tools such as our forklift attachment comes from people like you. We know you work hard, and we want to make that hard work easier.

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