Are you looking to get more use out of your ATV? Well, if you’ve got a lot of work that needs to be done around your property, it’s time for you to put your ATV to work. How, you may ask? Well, by partnering with Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., we make it simple. Our hydraulic ATV attachments are easy to use and designed to make those difficult tasks that consume your time much simpler.

When it comes to hydraulic ATV attachments, there’s truly no better option than Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. Simply put, our hydraulic ATV attachments are easier to use than our competition. The last thing that we want to do is make tasks around your property more difficult. Our easy to use attachments are best in class and will quickly become an investment that you’ll be glad you made. Rather than working harder, why not work smarter with a proven hydraulic ATV attachment from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc.

Hydraulic ATV Attachment Options

At Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., we take pride in offering our customers a wide variety of hydraulic ATV attachments that they can choose from. No matter what type of work that you need, our hydraulic ATV attachments can help. Choose from our diverse attachment options, which include:

Hydraulic Front End Loader – The installation process of this ATV attachment is quick and easy and is the perfect attachment to help you haul heavy weight.

Front End Pallet Fork Attachment – If you need to lift pallets, hay bales, heavy boxes, wood, cargo, feed, or other items such as these, our pallet fork attachment is perfect for handling these heavy items.

Rear Mounted ATV Attachments – Many of our clients attach the Three Point Hydraulic Powered Rear ATV attachment to the back of their ATV. From there, you can add on a cultivator attachment which is great for weeding, tilling, food plots, large gardens, etc. Others utilize our power disc harrow attachment to help with aerating, breaking down dirt, leveling land, etc.

You don’t have to tackle the difficult tasks around your property alone. Rather than spending countless hours or hiring more help, why not utilize your existing ATV as a powerful tool around your property. By combining your ATV attachment with a hydraulic ATV attachment from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., you will make yourself much more productive around the property. The first step towards working smarter is to give us a call today at (218) 483-1000 or to email us at