ATV Attachements for Resorts and RanchsAn extremely versatile ATV Implement System is now available. Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. has created an Equestrian / Resort Package that is wonderful for Resort Owners and Equestrian Professionals who want to reduce the time it takes to do their workload. Your daily chores can be completed much more quickly and easily with the Powerful Hydraulic ATV Attachments that are designed to fit most any ATV brand. The Equestrian and Resort Package come as a great deal with a Hydraulic Bucket, Pallet Forks, Suspension Locks, Mounting Hardware and more.

Powerful Hydraulic ATV Attachments Package

The ATV Implement System utilizes Full Hydraulics, not a winch system like others on the market. This provides power for both raising and lowering. Each Heavy Duty Hydraulic ATV Attachment is designed to be easy to use and Extremely Versatile.

  1. Front End Loader for ATV with 44” Hydraulic Bucket
  2. Heavy Duty 34” Pallet ForksSuspension Locks
  3. Suspension Locks
  4. Powerful Hydraulics
  5. Handlebar Controls
  6. Mounting Hardware
  7. Auxiliary Hydraulics Kit

Resort Owners ATV Implements

Think of all of the work that you do around your resort that could be handled easier with the help of Fully Hydraulic ATV Equipment. Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. expanded their line of ATV Attachments to include items that are perfect around the resort. The Front End Loader is very versatile. It utilizes full hydraulic power for lifting up to 500 lbs. and up to 5 ft.

Useful for around the Resort all year:

  • Haul firewood
  • Clear away branches
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Setting up campfire rings

Equestrian ATV Implements

ATVs and UTVs are becoming an invaluable piece of equipment for small to medium size horse farms. With all of the Powerful Hydraulic ATV Attachments from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. its easy to see why the Equestrian market is now a big believer in our products. The Resort/Equestrian Package comes complete with several Heavy Duty ATV Implements that raise the bar on value.

Useful for the Equine Market year round:Rocker Switches

  • Lift and haul hay bales
  • Clean out stalls
  • Clear away brush
  • Haul feed
  • Carry fence posts

Versatile Equestrian / Resort ATV Implement Systems

Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. has engineered a Versatile ATV Implement System for Equine and Resort applications. Our Equestrian / Resort Package includes Powerful Hydraulics in versatile ATV Attachments. This Package includes: Hydraulic Front End Loader, Pallet Forks, Hydraulics, Mounting Hardware, Suspension Locks, Controls and Auxiliary Hydraulics Kit.

Call Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. at 218-483-1000 or email us at We Love to hear how our Hydraulic ATV Implement System is making your life on the horse farm and resort better.