Uses for Hydraulic ATV Front End LoaderIs your back begging you to invest in some help when it comes to lifting heavy, bulky items? When you think of a machine that is great at maneuvering and lifting heavy items, your first thought may be a tractor. The issues with a tractor are that it can often end up being too big and can cost a lot of money. There’s got to be another more affordable option, right? Thanks to our team at Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., the answer is yes! We are proud to offer a hydraulic ATV front end loader that comes at a great price.

When to Use a Hydraulic ATV Front End Loader

Our clients use our hydraulic ATV front end loader for a variety of reasons. Versatility is one of the reasons why this front end loader has become such a popular tool. Some of the most common uses include the following:

  • Property Maintenance – Whether you need to haul wood, fencing, gravel, compost, mulch, snow or any other types of heavy items, our hydraulic ATV front end loader is the perfect option for you.
  • Landscaping Enhancements – Trying to haul around plants, trees, bushes or digging/leveling ground on your own can be extremely difficult. By using our hydraulic ATV front end loader, these tasks can turn simple.
  • Animal Stable Maintenance – Do you have stables on your property? Our hydraulic ATV front end loader can make you much more productive when handling things like animal waste, hay and feed.
  • Hunting – What do you plan to do with the animal that you kill on your next hunting trip? Thanks to our hydraulic ATV front end loader attachment, you can transport this animal easily over a large stretch of land.

Easy to Use Front End Loader Attachment

At Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., affordability isn’t the only characteristic that we focus on. We also want our hydraulic ATV front end loader attachment to be easy to install and use. Rest assured that the manual for this front end loader is available at all times on our website. This one-time installation process only takes 45-60 minutes. After the initial mount, it only takes around 5 minutes to connect and remove this attachment in the future.

We love to hear about how our clients use their hydraulic ATV front end loader. To learn more about the versatility and common uses for the hydraulic ATV front end loader, give our experienced crew at Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., a call today at (218) 483-1000 or email