ATV Attachements for Country LivingThe time has come to put away your shovel, wheelbarrow and walk behind cultivator and move up to the Versatile ATV Implement System that makes your work easier and more enjoyable. Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. has created a Country Living Package that fits the needs of rural landowners to a tee. Each ATV Attachment provides full Hydraulic Power accessed with a convenient handle bar mounted switch. This package includes a Loader, Rear 3 Point Hitch, Cultivator, Disc, Suspension Locks, Hydraulics, Mounting Hardware, Controls and Auxiliary Hydraulics Kit. What more could you ask for?

Country Living and Garden Package

The durable, hard working Country Living and Garden Package is available at a bundled discount and includes everything you need to simplify your workload. This package is conveniently bundled with ATV Implements for planting a garden, clearing the land, weeding, digging, feeding the animals, plowing snow, hauling, lifting, back dragging, the list goes on. The full hydraulics system can lift up to 500 lbs. and 5 feet high. Best of all is that it is designed to fit almost every larger sized make and model of ATVs.

Powerful Hydraulic Quad Attachments

  1. Rugged: ATV Front End Loader with 44” Hydraulic Bucket
  2. Convenient: Rear Category “0” 3 Point Hitch
  3. Durable: 38” Cultivator
  4. Versatile: 2 Position 57” Disc
  5. Powerful: Hydraulics
  6. Easy: handle bar Controls
  7. Simple: to install Suspension Locks
  8. Complete: Mounting Hardware
  9. Innovative: Auxiliary Hydraulics Kit

Full Hydraulics System

The ATV Implement System harnesses the power of Full Hydraulics, not a winch system. It provides a powerful force for both raising and lowering. Each powerful Hydraulic Quad Attachment is engineered to be very durable and easy to use. The initial installation may take you approximately 1 hour to complete. After the mounting plate has been installed you can easily attach and remove implements in about 5 minutes.

Versatile ATV Implement Systems

Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. has raised the bar on ATV Attachments. We have engineered Versatile ATV Implement Systems that are designed to give our clients the power and versatility to finish the job more efficiently. Our Country Living and Garden Package includes Full Hydraulic Power in durable quad attachments. Package includes: Hydraulic Loader, Rear 3 Point Hitch, Cultivator, Disc, Hydraulics, Mounting Hardware, Suspension Locks, Controls and Auxiliary Hydraulics Kit.

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