Hydraulic ATV Attachments-ImplementsYou can now transform your ATV from an awesome vehicle that can take you off roading on a fun and exhilarating ride all around your property into a serious workhorse. Wild Hare Manufacturing Inc. makes all types of ATV hydraulic accessory packages to give you the added functionality that you may need to keep your ATV earning it’s keep!

Choose the Right Accessory Package For Your Needs

Wild Hare offers 5 different accessory packages to meet the various needs of ATV owners. With this many choices, we can match your needs with the perfect package for you. Purchasing these as packages saves you several hundred dollars more than the cost of purchasing each of the separate accessories, though all can be purchased separately. All packages come with Suspension Locks (if needed), Hydraulics, Controls, and Mounting Hardware (battery and hydraulic fluid sold separately).

  • All In One/Everything Package: This is our most extensive package and includes all of our available accessories including a loader, pallet forks, rear hitch, cultivator, and a disc. With this package, you will be able to dig, lift, plow, drag, push or level.
  • Equestrian/Resort Package: This package includes a Loader with 44″ Bucket, and 34″ Pallet Forks.
  • Sportsman/Hunter Package: Will help you transport your kill home from your hunt. This package includes a Rear Category “0” 3 Point Hitch, 48″ Cultivator, and 2 Position 57″ Disc.
  • Country Living/Garden Package: These accessories will help you maintain your property and makes gardening easy. It includes a Loader with 44″ Bucket, Rear Category “0” 3 Point Hitch, 48″ Cultivator, 2 Position 57″ Disc.
  • Maintenance/Landscaping Package: This package also helps keep your property looking its best. This includes a loader with 44″ Bucket, 34″ Pallet Forks, Rear Category “0” 3 Point Hitch, 48″ Cultivator.

Unmatched Power In Hydraulics

The biggest factor that sets Wild Hare’s accessories apart from the competition is the full hydraulic system, which gives this equipment the power to lift or push with up to 500 lbs of force and lift up to 5ft high. The hydraulic attachments are easy to mount and are an affordable solution when purchasing a tractor would be overkill. This feature gives you the ability to lift and lower with force and gives you the control that you need to be efficient and do a good job.

If you would like more information about adding an accessory to your ATV, contact Wild Hare Manufacturing Inc. at 1-218-483-1000.