Front End Loader for ATVATVs are great toys for big properties. Ranches and farms, river lots with handfuls of acres, and hunting grounds, among other places, are all great locations to enjoy the uses of an ATV. But do any of us really get full use out of our 4 wheelers? Well, that depends on what it’s used for, or what we want to use it for. If you have a trailer, that’s a good start. Trailers are great for landscaping and hauling dirt, but loading one trailer with shovelful and shovelful of dirt can be a lot of work. And that’s why it’s great to have more accessories for that big toy of yours. Hydraulic front end loaders made from durable steel can be a great attachment for any ATV.

Versatility in an ATV Attachment

Hydraulic front end loaders for ATVs are versatile tools that can used for an array of chores. Many people attach plows to the front of their four wheelers for winter snow plowing. Plows add to an ATV’s effectiveness, but they are also very limited in their use. A hydraulic front end loader can be positioned to plow just as effectively as a front blade. Not to mention, the only movement available for a plow attachment is upward through the use of a winch. A hydraulic front end loader can push down as equally as it moves up. The model made by Wild Hare Manufacturing can apply 500 pounds of downward pressure, enough to raise the front of any ATV.

Speaking of which, digging holes is hard work, especially in frozen ground. You can ditch pick-axes and chipping away at frozen ground with shovels and instead dig right in with a hydraulic front end loader. 500 pounds of downward force is sure to break any frozen (or unfrozen) ground.

A hydraulic front end loader can also raise loads of 500 pounds up to 5 feet in the air. This might be the answer you’re looking for if you are working on rough terrain not suitable for a tractor or full-size front loader.

Obviously, the loader can be used to transport lose material such as dirt or mulch, but with the downward force of hydraulics, a front end loader can also level such materials.

Suspension Locks for your ATV Attachement

One concern for any ATV user is the extra weight a front end loader would add to the front suspension. This is a natural concern since a hydraulic front end loader can weigh more than 500 pounds and apply constant and at times unnecessary pressure to the front suspension. However, the model made by Wild Hare Manufacturing comes included with specially-designed suspension locks that prevent the front springs from compressing. Made from high-strength, low-alloy steel, the bucket is designed to be durable and strong but low-weight, allowing more weight for the load.

Easy Connect and Disconnect

As has been mentioned, the best thing about a four wheeler is its versatility. So it’s no wonder that no one would want a front end loader attached to their ATV 24/7. And that’s why the best and most popular models come with an easy connect/disconnect feature. After an one-time installation of about 60 minutes, a hydraulic front end load can easily be connected in five minutes and even less for disconnect.

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