Hydraulic ATV AttachmentsImagine the possibilities when you can move the dirt effortlessly in remote areas using your All-Terrain Vehicle with our ATV Attachments. You will love the toughness and durability of our rugged implements such as a Hydraulic Front End Loader, ATV Pallet Forks, Rear Mounted 3 Point Hitch, ATV Cultivator and Hydraulic Disc attachment from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. Each is designed to simplify your chores and Put Your ATV to Work all around your property.

Put Your ATV to Work

Four Wheelers aren’t just for fun. ATVs can be an incredible asset to have on any property. With powerful Hydraulic Quad Attachments from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. your recreational toy can be Put to Work on the land doing plowing, lifting, weeding, cultivating and more. An ATV is capable of going places that tractors cannot. You can reach even remote areas of your property with the power and speed of an ATV.

Tough and Durable ATV Implements

  • ATV Hydraulic Front End Loader: Can you think of uses for a powerful, hydraulic dump bucket that can lift up to 500 lbs. and elevate the load 5 ft. off the ground? This versatile workhorse is designed to fit perfectly on most makes and models of ATVs.
  • ATV Pallet Forks: This simple, yet effective piece of equipment harnesses the same power as our hydraulic front-end loader. Hay bales, heavy logs, pallets and boxes are no problem for the easy lifting capabilities of the multipurpose ATV Forks.
  • ATV Rear Mounted 3 Point Hitch: Power up your quad and take advantage of the new Hydraulic Powered 3 Point Hitch for attaching a cultivator or disc. This rear mounted hydraulic system is best when used on a 400 cc minimum machine. Easily maneuver accessories up and down with one finger control.
  • ATV 3 Point Cultivator: Mount this durable implement to the back of your ATV using Wild Hare’s hydraulic 3 pt. hitch and quickly cultivate plots without breaking a sweat. Tilling, digging, weeding and chopping will be a breeze due to the powerful hydraulic pressure and solid steel construction.
  • ATV Hydraulic Disc Harrow: A fully hydraulic disc harrow can be utilized with your own ATV. At 54” wide this baby can quickly aerate the soil, cut up weeds and level the surface to prepare for planting. All while cruising around on your optimized ATV. Use it for gardening, food plots, clearing weeds and much more on your property.

Hydraulic ATV Attachments

With the help of Hydraulic ATV Attachments from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. you can easily put your ATV to work on your property. It doesn’t matter if you have a small hobby farm or large ranch or resort, you are sure to find multiple usages for these Tough and Durable ATV Implements. Start with powerful Hydraulic Front End Loader and you will be hooked. Wild Hare manufactures versatile ATV equipment like the hydraulic powered ATV Pallet Forks, Rear Mounted 3 Point Hitch, ATV Cultivator and Hydraulic Disc Harrow.

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