Horse stalls can be a very difficult task to cleanup. Aside from the unbearable smell, a lot of the stall cleanup is manual labor because it is so hard to get equipment into the horse stables. Well, with the help of your ATV and the expertise of Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., help is right around the corner. Consider investing in our ATV dump bucket, that runs off a hydraulic system and can help you manage and clean your horse stalls without having to perform much manual labor.

Benefits of Front End Loader for Stall Cleanup

  • Helpful ATV Bucket for Stall CleaningAffordable – Refrain from having to purchase expensive equipment to clean your horse stables. Our front end loader is extremely affordable and versatile, we are sure you’ll find more than one use for them, allowing you to quickly get your money’s worth – while keeping a little extra in your wallet.
  • Easy to Use – Horse stalls can be hard to maneuver around because of the shape. Thanks to your ATV and this hydraulic attachment, our easy turn around capabilities allow you to get into the tough spots of the horse stall.
  • Strength of Equipment – No one wants to get into a horse stall and shovel stinky manure. Our hydraulic front end loader can lift up to 500 pounds of manure. Additionally, this attachment can lift 5 feet off of the ground, making it easy to handle the mess left behind by the horses.

Specifics on our ATV Dump Bucket

  • Fits Most ATV’s – When manufacturing our front end loader attachments, we made sure that the equipment fit as many ATV brands as possible. This attachment connects to Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha and even Arctic Cat (pre-2004).
  • Recommended Strength – In order to properly use this attachment, your ATV should have between 400cc and 700cc so that you are able to get proper utilization.
  • Quick Installation – The initial setup of the front end loader takes between 45 minutes to an hour. Once the mounting is complete, it should only take roughly 5 minutes each time to install the attachment.
  • Warranty – Our ATV attachment comes with a 12 month product warranty of the workmanship and materials. Warranty requests do need to be requested by the original purchaser.
  • Speed – When using our front end loader attachment, your ATV should not exceed 5 mph.

We have a Perfect Bucket for all that Horse Dump

If you are looking for a better way to clean up your horse stalls, consider purchasing a hydraulic front end loader for your ATV. Team up with Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. today by calling 1-218-483-1000.