ATV Cultivator For farmers and landscapers, tilling land can be a tedious and arduous task that many individuals dread having to deal with each year. Well, what if there was an easier tilling alternative for you and your staff? Put away those handheld cultivators or bulky tractors, and invest in an ATV hydraulic cultivator attachment today! It is time that you put your ATV to work! What’s the point of having your vehicle sit and take up space in your garage. Once you try an ATV cultivator attachment from Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc., you and your staff will be wishing you made this investment years ago!

Rear ATV Cultivator Implement

The hot summer heat will be here for months, so the quicker you get this attachment, the happier your employees will be!

Benefits of an ATV Cultivator

  • Time Saver – Our ATV cultivator can handle weeding and tilling of any size. Those large gardens that used to take hours to till, can be tilled in just a percentage of that time thanks to the productive ATV cultivating process.
  • Easy to Move – The problem with cultivators tied to tractors is that they cannot make quick turns or sudden changes in direction. This cultivating attachment specializes in providing easy turnaround movements within your garden or natural area.
  • Less Manual Labor – If you want to keep your employees around for a long time, investing in this ATV cultivating attachment can keep their backs in good health! A project that may have taken multiple workers will now only take one individual, thanks to this hydraulic attachment. This attachment is proof that the saying is true, “It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.”

Hydraulic ATV Cultivator

With the help of your unused ATV and the ATV hydraulic cultivator implement that attaches to our Rear 3 Point Hitch – tilling and weeding can quickly become an easy task for your staff. Shop online for an ATV cultivator that attaches to our 3 point hitch, our rear attachment and implements fit any quad model! If you are a farmer or landscaper looking to become more productive, give us a call at 1-218-483-1000 to learn more about this great product.