Front End Loader for ATVWarm weather is here and you know it’s time to get out your ATV to take it for a ride. Better yet, get even more use out of your ATV this season and use it to make the work around your property easier. Now you can easily transform your ATV into one of your most valuable outdoor work tools. The hydraulic attachments from Wild Hare Manufacturing Inc. give your ATV powerful upward and downward pressure, allowing your favorite toy to become your favorite power tool.

ATV Attachment Options from Wild Hare Manufacturing

The ATV Front End Loader allows you to throw away your wheelbarrow and shovel and move dirt, snow and other materials with ease. You will never throw your back out doing yardwork again. This tool can hold up to 500 lbs of weight and raise it up to 5 ft.

Another popular and useful tool that we offer are pallet forks for ATV front loader. This attachment also allows you to lift and move supplies, merchandise, boxes, crates, wood, or bales of hay. The ATV fork pallet is easy to control, improves overall efficiency and fits perfectly with the Groundhog loader.

Wild Hare Manufacturing is also exciting to announce new attachments to our fleet this July. The Rear 3 point hitch will help you utilize our attachment and implements. The 3 point cultivator is ideal for weeding and tilling and will literally cut the time you spend on yard work in half. Finally, we are also launching the front loader blade in July to give our customers a simple and durable loader blade. One of the best features of these attachments is that they can be used together to be even more effective.

How Is Our High Powered Hydraulic System Unique

All of our attachments are fueled by a high powered hydraulic system. This means that our attachments use a hydraulic pump that attaches to a deep cycle battery instead of utilizing a winch system. This allows for a powerful force going up and down while a winch system only has power going up and uses its weight when lowering.

So, there is no need to invest in a tractor to help you with the work on your property. Instead, save your money and invest in attachments and implements for your ATV produced by Wild Hare Manufacturing Inc. We are launching many new products this summer (July) so we are confident that you will find the perfect tools to add to your ATV. Order online or call us at 1-218-483-1000.