3 Point Hydraulic Hitch With Attachments for my ATVWild Hare Manufacturing Inc. offers the 3-Point Hydraulic Hitch with attachments for your ATV. If you are interested in allowing your ATV to reach its potential, a 3-Point Hydraulic Hitch is likely the best add-on. Wild Hare sells a cultivator attachment, a disc attachment, and a box-grader attachment, and all of them work with our hydraulic-powered 3-Point Hitch system.

Our 3-Point Hydraulic Hitch is extremely easy to install so you can put it to use quickly after purchase. It comes with mounting brackets and bolts on to your ATV securely. The Rear-Mounted ATV Hydraulic system has been improved since it was first introduced and is now better than ever. It is easier to use and provides even more power than before. For your convenience, it has increased stability and can be reached whenever you need to. Maybe most appealing is that it is equipped with quick-connect hoses that provide for uncomplicated installation and ease of use. Attaching and detaching literally takes seconds.

Only Hydraulic Rear Mount ATV Attachment

The 3-Point Hitch works seamlessly with the attachments we offer. After the hitch has been securely mounted to the rear of your all-terrain vehicle, securing your attachments could not be easier. Turning the center link allows you to adjust the length with ease. You are then ready to use the attachments as you see fit. The rocker switch, which is mounted to your ATV’s handlebar, allows you to manipulate the attachment up, down, left, and right with the touch of a finger.

Easy to Install Attachments for your ATV

If you want to get the most out of your ATV, you probably need reliable, sturdy, and exceptionally well-engineered attachments. Wild Hare can help you turn your ATV into a powerful beast that increases your work efficiency and all but completely eliminates the possibility of injuring your back. The lifting, bending, stretching, and digging that you might have been doing because your ATV has not had the proper attachments can be things of the past. And it all starts with our 3-Point Hydraulic Hitch.

Our 3-Point Hydraulic Hitch will also give your ATV added strength and versatility. You will be able to dig the trench, till the soil, and/or remove rocks and tree stumps that might have been impossible with only the manpower of you and your friends. The 3-Point Hydraulic Hitch is the starting point for you being able to do serious landscaping without the day-after pain. If you have any questions, call Wild Hare Manufacturing at (218) 483-1000.